Burn Weasel

Sending insults is now as easy as your mom


Burn Weasel

Project Type
  • Branding
  • Mobile Application
  • Responsive Website


Burnweasel was designed to simplify the process of sharing and sending insults through your mobile device. It’s colors, unique design and workflow allow for simple fun experience across all ages.


With such a unique name, our goal was to capture the name into the logo so its speaks for its self. Designing the logo in such a way that it fits across all media (mobile, web, and print).

Responsive landing page

Burnweasel app was also followed by its website. With full support across all devices ensuring the best user experience to all users.

Mobile application for IOS & Android

Using the Ionic framework we were able to test, build and deploy the application as scheduled. Providing the best user experience for both platforms.